sábado, 4 de junho de 2016

Wanting More (Love on Campus #2) by Jessica Ruddick

I can’t stop wanting her…

Bri Welch likes to play it safe. I don’t. She’s wound tight, and I’m all about a good party. But there’s something about her that makes me want to pull those uptight layers away one-by-delicious-one. But the worst thing is she makes me want more…

I love books set in college. And this one was witty, funny and sweet. Joshua like to put up a show about how he doesn´t care but he does care, a lot. He and Bri are awesome together.

Hard Times

For those of you who doesn't know me outside of the virtual world I would like to explain why I have been off for so long. I have been through a lot this year, I´m getting through a financial crisis since last year, I´ve been through some health issues as well. I´ve been assaulted and I was also involved in an accident. As if this wasn´t enough Im´getting through a nasty divorce after 18 years of marriage, and after 2 months apart, The one who must not be named already have another woman. He doesn´t have money to buy food, but he has money to buy gas so he can see her. But, the worst part of all is that My kids are with him. Because I can´t afford to rent a place where we all can live together. I´m living with my mother in a small house, faraway from everything and right in the middle of a terrible neighborhood. So, that´s a little about why I was off since the beginning of the year, but I´m trying to come back little by little. I miss you all.

P.S.: I´m thinking about tatto this phrase in the day I sign the divorce papers

Flawless by Heather Graham

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

Everyone goes to Finnegan's… 

It's a pub in lower Manhattan, run by the Finnegan family for generations and now owned by Kieran and her three brothers. Kieran Finnegan, who still works there whenever she can, has become a criminal psychologist—a fitting reaction, perhaps, to her less-than-lawful past. 

Meanwhile, New York's Diamond District has been hit by a rash of thefts. No one's been killed—until now. FBI agent Craig Frasier is brought in to investigate; he and Kieran meet at a jewelry store in the middle of a heist. She's there to "unsteal" a flawless stone taken by her light-fingered youngest brother as an act of vengeance. He's there to stop the gang. 

But the police and FBI soon discover that there are two gangs of diamond thieves, the original and a copycat group of killers. And the second group seems to think their scheme is as flawless as the stones they steal. 

Thrown together by circumstance, drawn together by attraction, Kieran and Craig both end up working on the case. Unfortunately, there's more and more evidence that, somehow, the pub is involved. Because everyone goes to Finnegan's…

It was such a honor to me to receive this ARC, I love Heather´s books. And it was even better than I expected. I loved how the story developed and the characters were deep. 

I loved the Finnegans, they´re just perfect. I want a family like that.

segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

Combative (Combative #1) by Jay McLean

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

We all play victims to our pasts; to the choices we make and the lives we create.
They define who we are.
And sometimes if we're lucky enough, the past stays where it belongs: in the past.
I'm not one of the lucky ones.
I never have been.
Because now the past is knocking on my door, offering deals I have no choice but to take… deals that will help bring justice—not just for me, but for my brothers.

The problem?
The deal is a ticking time bomb.
One I didn't know existed.


Jay Mclean´s books are always perfect. I love how sweet and tender her heroes are. Kyler is the personification of a book boyfriend, I loved him.

Seize the Dawn by Heather Graham

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

Bold and beautiful, Lady Eleanor of Clarin--sole heir to her ancestral lands--chooses to marry an aging French noble rather than Edward I's choice of a brutal knight. To preserve Clarin and defeat the rebellious Scots who killed her father, she would gladly give her hand to the devil himself.

But when the fiery Highland outlaw Frendan Graham takes her hostage, he also inspires her deepest desires. Now, as Eleanor is swept away from her beloved land and into an arranged marriage, she will be surrounded by treachery and accused of murder. Only one man can rescue her from the torture and death that lie ahead. The man should remain her greatest enemy--yet holds her heart--and her very life--in his hands.

Has been awhile since I read a historic romance, But I love Heather Graham´s book so I could not let it pass this chance to read and review her book.

It didn't disappoint me, it was as good as I expected.

Yes, You (The Reed Brothers #9.5) by Tammy Falkner

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

This short story was originally published in the anthology 12 Christmas Romances To Melt Your Heart
This is not a full length novel. It's a short story that was requested by readers who wanted to know how Reagan's parents met. It's about 12,000 words.
You might remember them. They have two children named Reagan and Lincoln. Find out how their love story started in Yes, You.
One bad boy, one good girl.

The question - Who? Me?
Yes. You

Yes, You is a sweet short story. It tells us Reagan´s parents story. I loved it.

Holding Her Hand (The Reed Brothers #9) by Tammy Falkner

I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

Boy meets girl. 
Boy falls in love with girl. 
Girl falls in love with boy… SCREECH! 

No. It can’t be that easy. (You knew that, right?) 

Boy meets girl. 
Boy can’t fall in love with girl, because girl comes from a different culture. 
She also has secrets. Lots of secrets he’s determined to uncover. 

He’ll try to uncover all her secrets. But in doing so, he’ll have to remove the gloves she hides behind. Leave her bare and aching. And what happens then? 

Girl meets boy. 
Girl falls in love with boy. 

I´m a big fan of Tammy Falkner´s stories. She know just how to make me drool over a book boyfriend. Holding her hand teaches us that the prejudice is not always so obvious and can come in unexpected ways.
Boy can’t love her back.